Elevate Your Off-Roading with the Ram 5500 Hilt Truck by Storyteller Overland

Elevate Your Off-Roading with the Ram 5500 Hilt Truck by Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland takes your off-road adventures to new heights with the Hilt truck, built on a massive Ram 5500 truck.

Can you take it all with you to the outdoors? You can if you equip a beastly Ram 5500 heavy-duty truck with the Hilt package. This new setup from Storyteller Overland places a family-size modern efficiency apartment on top of a massive truck with a 6.7-liter diesel engine under the hood. This can be the perfect overlanding truck for an adventurous group who’s ready to see the world and everything it offers. If you want overlanding comfort and rugged style, the Hilt is the truck for you.

How did this become a real thing?

In 2022, Storyteller acquired Global Expedition Vehicles (GVX), which added a greater degree of overlanding expertise to their already impressive repertoire. The plan with this acquisition was to create a new 550 HD-series adventure truck line using higher-volume manufacturing. The Hilt is the first production-ready Class C truck camper to come from this new venture, with the two overlanding names combined into one company.

What is the new Hilt truck?

The Hilt is 27 feet long and is an evolution from the Adventure Truck lineup from GVX. This lineup came into the market in 2019, and some of the same qualities are now built into the new Hilt truck. You’ll see a row of round auxiliary lights, giving new owners a great way to add some extras to the truck and the overall experience. Having a set of auxiliary features and great ways to add more to the truck dates back to the original non-alcove Adventure Truck, which had a lighted rack over the cab. This new model has auxiliary lights across the front alcove of the vehicle. The Hilt offers the cleanest application of these lights with five KC HiLites across the width of the vehicle.

Will the Ford F-550 be used?

The original plan was to utilize the 550 HD build of the Ford F-550 for this new overlanding truck, but Storyteller chose the Ram model instead. The Ram 5500 base chassis includes a 360-horsepower Cummings 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine that delivers 800 lb-ft of torque. That torque is the key ingredient to this truck being an impressive performer on the trails and undiscovered areas of the world. Currently, there’s no mention of a Ford F-550 option being offered for this heavy-duty truck package.

Is the ride smooth?

Although most overlanding vehicles does their best to smooth out the ride, the rough terrain offers challenges that most trucks can’t resolve. Still, the new Hilt truck from Storyteller Overland has a LiquidSpring smart hydraulic suspension, which analyzes the driving conditions and inputs 1,000 times per second. It automatically adjusts the damping and ride height for the best performance, ensuring the smoothest possible ride. The suspension benefits from 41-inch multipurpose tires on beadlock wheels, which give this big truck 10.5 inches of ground clearance, enough to handle most obstacles in its path.

Carbon and Kevlar make the living area strong

The living space on the Hilt truck is made of composite construction materials that are made of carbon and Kevlar reinforcements. The 2-inch closed-cell foam provides insulation from the outside. The module is attached to the 5500 chassis via a specially developed “Zero Torsion” subframe that isolates movement from the chassis to decrease stress on the home area.

The interior colors of this mobile overlanding home on wheels are neutral, offering an appealing space with lighting and storage spaces throughout the living area. The lounge has a wraparound sofa that seats four or five people with a dining table at the center. This space converts into a bed at night.

How can you remain off the grid with this truck?

One of the best features of this Storyteller creation is the ability to stay off the grid for several days at a time. There’s a 16.8-kWh lithium battery bank that sends electrical power across the motorhome area with the help of two 3,000-watt inverters. There’s also a 1,325-watt solar charging system that sends power to the batteries.

Can you enjoy all the comforts of home?

The Hilt truck is made to provide excellent comfort and capabilities, including using the electrical system to operate a two-burner stove top, a small refrigerator, a convection oven, a microwave, and an air fryer. Additionally, potable water is always available via the Guzzle H2O water purification system.

Storyteller Overland offers the Hilt truck to give high-class overland adventurers an off-the-grid home on wheels. Could this be your next adventure vehicle?

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