10 Cars We Can’t Buy in the United States

10 Cars We Can’t Buy in the United States

Car enthusiasts love to talk about the cars they can’t buy in the United States. We have some seriously strict rules about which cars can be purchased here.

The time has come when some of the most iconic cars from 25 years ago can now be imported to the United States. It’s too bad we can never enjoy these cars on our roads when they’re new. Unfortunately, there are still some cars that never make the cut as cars that can be imported into our country and sold here.

If you want to lament the woes of what could have been, here are ten cars we can’t buy in the United States.

Volkswagen Scirocco R

The Scirocco R looks a lot like the Golf GTI or Golf R, but it’s a car that we can’t buy and drive here at all. This car used to be part o the VW market, which means you might see a few of these cars at classic car shows, but no modern versions are offered here. VW brought one over for journalists to drive, and it proved to be everything we desire in an FWD hot hatch but can’t have.

Acura CDX

Americans have been looking to subcompact crossovers for a while, and the Acura CDX would be a natural fit into our market. We have the Honda HR-V, which could serve as the corporate platform for the CDX. Currently, the Acura CDX is made in China, and it uses the same 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as the Honda Civic. This compact SUV would fit in naturally here, but sadly, it’s one of the cars we can’t buy in the United States.

Audi Q2

The smallest crossover in the American-based Audi lineup is the Q3. Although we tend to like bigger things in America, the Q3 could easily handle a smaller sibling that could be a much better entry point into this luxury brand. The Audi Q2 is sold in other markets and offers a much smaller size than the Q3, which might be a bit too large for some drivers. The Q2 uses the same 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as the Q3, but with a smaller size, it could be a little faster than its larger sibling.

BMW 1-Series Sedan

Why does our BMW lineup start with the 2-Series coupe? Isn’t there a 1-Series sedan? Yes, this car exists, but it’s not made for the American market. If we want an affordable BMW sedan, the smallest is the 3-Series. Although we’re SUV-heavy in the United States, there’s certainly a market for a compact luxury sedan wearing the BMW badge. Unfortunately, the BMW 1-Series is one of the cars we can’t buy in the United States. We could easily enjoy the small size and BMW driving dynamics in this glorious sedan.

Ford Everest

Although we might find room for the Ford Everest, it’s probably a good thing Ford stuck with the Bronco name in the United States. Still, the Ford Everest is an SUV based on the global Ranger pickup truck, which could have been the perfect companion for the midsize Ford truck when it returned to the market. We still love old-school SUVs, which is why the returned Bronco is so successful, but what could have been if the Everest had come first?

Kia Stonic

Kia doesn’t have a subcompact SUV that offers AWD. The Kia Soul is a huge hit, but it’s a road-going model at best. Additionally, the boxy look of the Soul turns some shoppers away. A more conventional style with AWD could be perfect for Americans to enjoy more of what Kia offers. The Kia Stonic delivers these qualities and makes it easy to enjoy an amazing ride. Unfortunately, the Stonic is another one of the cars we can’t buy in the United States.

Mazda CX-4

This SUV is why we got the CX-30 when Mazda offered an SUV to slot between the CX-3 and CX-5. Now, Mazda has leaned heavily into the zeros with the CX-50, CX-70, and CX-90, which will all fill out the crossover lineup for this brand. Still, the Mazda CX-4 could have been a hit. Instead of a typical crossover, this SUV brings the sportiness desired, making it a great addition to the market. The CX-4 could have easily fit into the American landscape and been a huge hit, but Mazda didn’t feel compelled to bring it here.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

This car is a hard sell in America. Why? Because it looks like and probably is a lifted wagon. Calling anything in the United States, other than the Subaru Outback or Volvo wagons, a wagon is sacrilegious in America. In our SUV-heavy world, it might be hard to sell this car. Still, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain brings a rugged look and can have 603 horsepower in the E63 AMG version. This is another one of the cars we can’t buy in the United States, but it’s difficult to understand why.

Mitsubishi Delica

The Mitsubishi Delica has been around for a long time, but most Americans don’t know about it. This adventurous SUV is a great choice when a Volkswagen Microbus isn’t available to you. Older models of the Delica can be imported to the United States, but it sure would be nice to have some newer models available as well. Unfortunately, this adventure van doesn’t seem poised to make its way to American shores anytime soon, which is a shame.

Toyota Harrier

Do we really need another Toyota crossover? It’s probably not a bad idea. We do currently have the returned Venza, but it’s only offered as a hybrid model. The 4Runner is a rough and rugged model, and the RAV4 might be too small for some drivers. The solution could be the Toyota Harrier. This crossover SUV offers a more conservative appearance, and it could fit neatly between the Highlander and RAV4. Unfortunately, because the Venza has returned, this is one of the cars we can’t buy in the United States and likely won’t ever see at Toyota dealerships.

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