2023 BMW X7: Bigger, Bolder, Better

2023 BMW X7: Bigger, Bolder, Better

If you ever want to see a vehicle that shows just how outrageous BMW can be, check out the 2023 BMW X7. This big SUV takes the cake and then some.

The 2023 model of this big and bold luxury SUV isn’t a new generation, but it does bring us a refresh. This is the first refresh o the current generation, and it shows off with a massive grille that makes a bold statement. Even if you don’t like the massive twin-kidney grille, you’ll probably admire the upgraded interior and improved technology offered by this big BMW SUV.

Here are ten things you should know about the BMW X7.

1. Two powerful engines give you a great drive

The X7 can be had with either a 6-cylinder or V8 engine to give you the desired power level. The base model churns out 375 horsepower from the turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, while the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine offers 523 horsepower. Of course, if you want exclusive power, choose the Alpina XB7 and enjoy a V8 engine that pumps out 630 ponies for your dive. Regardless of engine, you’ll have an 8-speed automatic transmission and the benefits of AWD.

2. The air suspension makes the ride more comfortable

Most of the time, you’ll drive the BMW X7 conservatively and on your way to your next destination. During those smooth and comfortable rides, you’ll appreciate the added qualities of the air suspension, which provides more comfort for you. This suspension soaks up the road abrasions perfectly. An added item to make the ride better is the impressive set of 23-inch wheels. These are the largest wheels for any BMW vehicle, and they require expensive tires. What do you expect when you buy the largest BMW vehicle?

3. The BMW cabin area is marvelous

The first item that will grab your attention when you open the doors to this BMW SUV is the massive curved digital display screen. You’ll also enjoy a set of comfortable heated seats, a panoramic sunroof, and a power-adjustable steering wheel. This SUV has tons of interior room for all of your gear, especially if you don’t have any rear passengers. On top of the spaciousness and comfort offered, this BMW SUV has some of the best materials you’ll find in any luxury SUV.

4. Added style using ambient lighting elements

Many automakers are adding the little things that make things that much better. Whether it’s lighted door sill plates or various colors to choose from, you’ll find some cool lighting elements in the cabin of the BMW X7. There’s a light bar running across the instrument panel, which is a welcoming sight to give you the feeling you want when you get inside to take a drive. This SUV has those little things that make a huge difference.

5. The X7 makes you feel safe on the road

BMW has added a long list of excellent, modern safety features to this flagship SUV. You’ll be glad to have the stability control system to detect the handling limits and apply the brakes if you take things too far. This SUV also comes with a full package of active and passive driver-assist features to ensure you’ve got the alerts and feeling desired. The X7 even makes it nearly impossible for it to be stolen because it can’t be started without the proper key fob.

6. You’ll spend a lot for BMW SUV quality

The 2023 BMW X7 doesn’t come cheap. The base model starts at $77,850 for the xDrive40i version. The next trim up takes a huge leap and pushes you into six figures with a price of $103,100 for the M60i version. The jump to the XB7 Alpina trim is an even greater leap, with this model coming at a price of $145,000. No matter how you have it, this SUV will cost you a pretty penny.

7. The controversial exterior design makes the X7 polarizing

You might love it, you might hate it, but you won’t be on the fence about it. The exterior style is certainly going to put you on one side or the other. The big grille is illuminated, which some might feel is going too far, while others will admire it. For those that admire the style of this BMW SUV, the look and proportions are ideal for an SUV that sits at the top of the BMW lineup.

8. Choose the right seating configuration

Most BMW X7 models seat seven people across three rows, with the middle row being a three-seat bench. You can opt for a set of captain chairs in the middle row which drops the seating to six. The third row can be controlled using buttons, and the front seats are heated and offer power adjustments. The base trim has synthetic leather upholstery, while the higher trims have real leather covering all of the seats.

9. Can you find an efficient version of this BMW SUV?

If you stick with the base version of the X7, you’ll find that it’s relatively efficient. This means you won’t spend over $100,000 for the vehicle, and you’ll have a more efficient powertrain. The xDrive40i model returns 21 city/25 hwy mpg, which is better than expected for a luxury SUV of this ilk. Of course, if you move up to the higher trims, you’ll toss fuel mileage out the window. The M60i returns 16 city/21 hwy mpg, which means you’ll fill it more often and spend a lot more for the vehicle.

10. The mild-hybrid system offers a better driving experience

The BMW X7 is a BMW, and because of that, it must offer some form of athleticism. While you might think of this athlete more like an NFL lineman than a graceful figure skater, it does offer something to make it more energetic. The mild-hybrid system adds 147 lb-ft of torque to the mix to add better acceleration off the line than without this system. This system helps give this big brute the athletic nature of a much smaller vehicle.

With excellent power, impressive luxury style, and the right features, the 2023 BMW X7 could be the big, bold, and better luxury SUV that you love to drive.

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