Audi Says Farewell to the R8 With a V10 R8 GT Model

Audi Says Farewell to the R8 With a V10 R8 GT Model

The days of the massive V8 engines are numbered, and cars with more cylinders are already leaving. The final Audi R8 GT with a V10 heads to the market.

The R8 gave us a fitting sports car from this luxury brand. It came to the market in 2005 and took the world by storm as one of the best-handling road cars with some incredible power. This Audi is an impressive car with lots of power, but that power comes from a V10 engine. With the movement toward electrification, it’s time for one last hurrah for the V10-powered R8 GT.

The Latest Model Does Something the R8 Hasn’t Done Before

In previous versions of the R8, adding the Performance package to the mix meant more power. The Performance RWD gave you 562 horsepower, while the Performance AWD took it higher to 602 horsepower. No previous version of this Audi supercar was offered with the higher power level with RWD, but the new GT model does bring this to you. This might be a bittersweet farewell to Audi we love, but at least we get to say goodbye, and some of us will enjoy the drive of this incredible car.

How Fast is the Last Version of this Audi Supercar?

The 2023 Audi R8 GT is lighter than the previous version of this coupe supercar. The engine not only delivers 602 horsepower to the rear wheels, but it also gives you 413 lb-ft of torque. This is enough power to get you to 60 mph in less than 3.4 seconds. You’ll cross the 124 mph mark in 10.1 seconds and could reach the top speed of 199 mph if you have a long enough track for this incredible speed.

Audi Put a New Transmission in the Last R8

When you look into the engine bay of this supercar, you’ll see a black-painted intake manifold. This is something exclusive to this final version. This new level of power to the rear wheels requires a new transmission. This new shifter is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic model that’s much faster than the version attached to the standard R8. The improved gearing of this transmission gives this car the speed improvements that make this amazing Audi more fun and active on any track. Of course, you can drive this R8 GT on the road, but you’ll want to drive the roads that lead you to your next track day.

Audi Gives You a Mode that Tests Your Driving Ability

Modern supercars take some of the skill elements away from drivers with the computerization and automation in modern cars. The Audi R8 GT has a new model called Torque Rear. This model has seven different adjustments to the traction control system to give you the control you desire. Level One of this system has the most automated control, while Level Seven has the least. This means you can take this car to the track and toss the rear end all over the place. Dare we say this feature turns the R8 GT into a drift car?

The R8 GT Lost Weight

Compared to the R8 Performance V10 RWD model, the new R8 GT is 44 pounds lighter. The total curb weight is 3,461 pounds for this amazing supercar. How did this car save this much weight? The build is comparable between these two cars, but to create the GT model, Audi changed a few things. The wheels and tires are lighter, giving us a set of 20-inch forged aluminum-based wheels. Other weight-saving items are the ceramic brakes, carbon fiber seats, and carbon fiber reinforced plastic front sway bar with aluminum connecting rods.

Are There Any Specialized Features on the Outside of the Car?

Yes, the exterior of the Audi R8 GT gives you some black-colored badges and the Carbon Aerokit. This kit is pretty cool; it contains items that were developed in a wind tunnel that are finished in high-gloss paint. Some of the aerodynamic elements that were developed this way include:

  • Front splitter
  • Side skit covers
  • Rear bumper side elements
  • Rear diffuser
  • Gooseneck type rear wing

The rear wing of this car does an amazing job of maximizing the downforce needed by preventing flow separation. This translates into the greatest level of control possible for this new and last Audi supercar.

This New Audi Pays Tribute to the Original

The first Audi R8 GT arrived 12 years ago, and this last model pays tribute to that car with some interior items that will remind you of the original version. You’ll find some items wearing black and red colors. The floormats and seats wear the RT GT logos in black and red, and the center console has sequential numbering below the gear selector. This numbering is mounted on a carbon trim piece and offers a reminder that this car is an exclusive and special model.

This Audi Will be a Rare Sight on the Road

The original R8 GT was limited to 333 models globally, and the last version does the same thing. Hopefully, we’ll see more of the last model than we did the original. There were only 90 of the 2011 R8 GT models sent to the U.S. This is a car that will likely be sold out quickly and might never see dealership showrooms, but if you do see one at your local dealer, you’ll want to grab it quickly before someone else does.

Will We Ever See the R8 Name Again?

This final version of the Audi R8 GT signifies a movement away from the internal combustion engines we’ve had for a long time. The auto world is moving toward EVs, and we’re unsure whether or not this name will come back to the market. Could the next R8 GT be an electrified version? It’s possible, but most likely won’t arrive in the market before the end of the decade. That said, it’s time to admire everything this last R8 GT brings to the market.

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