What is the Best Work/Cargo Van?

What is the Best Work/Cargo Van?

When you need to add a vehicle to your workforce, you want the best work van you can find to help you get things done.

These vans can carry a large load of cargo that gives you all the materials you need when you get ready for a job. The question for you isn’t whether or not you should add one of these vehicles to your workday, but which one is right for you. Let’s explore some of the choices:

Chevrolet Express

One of the work vans you’ll find that’s been around the longest is the Express. ThisChevrolet van hasn’t changed much in the past 25 years, giving you the power and drive you need. You can two up to 10,000 pounds and enjoy a cargo area that measures 284.4 cubic feet to carry your items with you.


  • Excellent payload and towing
  • Great for tough jobs
  • Comfortable seats
  • Configurable cargo area


  • Not fuel-efficient
  • Handles like a truck
  • Few infotainment features
  • No tall roof option

The Chevrolet Express is what you expect from a full-size cargo van, and it can easily get the job done. This is a heavy-duty truck that’s great for your tougher jobs.

Nissan NV

The best work van for you could easily be the Nissan NV which has been an excellent choice for many busy professionals. This van gives you a cargo hold that measures 323.1 cubic feet and it can carry nearly 4,000 pounds of cargo.


  • Large cargo area
  • Heavy-duty platforms
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Comfortable ride


  • No AWD offered
  • Seems a bit outdated
  • Limited tech features

The large configurable cargo area might be the selling point you need when you’re ready to take this Nissan out on the road and let it help you get things done.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The massive cargo area and attention to detail you find in the Sprinter sets the tone for the cargo van market. This Mercedes-Benz van has a cargo bay that holds up to 533 cubic feet of gear. You have the option of 4WD and five different trim levels with this van.


  • Large cargo area and payload
  • Comfortable, easy drive
  • Several safety features
  • Easily configurable for your business


  • More expensive than most of the other vans
  • Options are expensive to add

When you want the top-shelf van for your business, this is the one for you. The Sprinter is one of the hottest models in this class.

Ford Transit

With several body lengths and roof heights, the Ford Transit could be the best work van for you to get things done. You’ll have a massive area for the equipment you need to carry, along with some impressive safety features.


  • Flexible platform for various setups
  • Large cargo area with flat loading floor
  • Safety features


  • Cabin is utilitarian
  • No 4WD or AWD option
  • Other brands offer more upfit choices

The Ford Transit has been one of the most useful vans you can find to help you get all of your gear to the job site every day.

Ram ProMaster

When you need to carry large amounts of cargo to your destination, theRam ProMaster is an excellent option for you to have the van that will get your stuff to where you need it to go. The high roof 2500 model is the most popular version of this van.


  • Smooth powertrain
  • Large cargo area
  • High-quality upfit solutions
  • Optional driver safety features


  • Firm ride
  • No 4WD option

With several body sizes and a focus on the work you need to get done, the Ram ProMaster can be the work van that’s right for your business.

Mercedes-Benz Metris

If a smaller vehicle is the best work van for you, you’ll be glad to see the Mercedes-Benz Metris. This van can hold 199 cubic feet of cargo and tow up to 5,000 pounds. The compact size makes it easy to drive around town.


  • Smooth powertrain
  • Excellent work numbers for the size
  • High-quality cabin layout and materials
  • Excellent safety features


  • High starting price
  • Not efficient compared to other vans
  • Requires premium fuel

You’ll love the ride in the Mercedes-Benz Metris, and you’ll easily bring your deliveries where they need to go.

Ram ProMaster City

When you need one of the most affordable small vans to help you get things done, the Ram ProMaster City is the right van for you. This vehicle gives you 131.7 cubic feet of configurable cargo room and is the right size for moving about in the city.


  • Excellent cargo room
  • Useful interior area
  • Heavy-duty platform
  • Affordable pricing


  • Few standard items
  • Very few driver aids
  • No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

When you need a small and affordable package that is the cargo van you use, the Ram ProMaster City is an excellent choice, as long as you don’t mind not having some features.

Ford Transit Connect

If versatility is what you need in the best work van for your business, the Ford Transit Connect is the vehicle that you’re going to want to drive. This van can get the job done and bring everything to your job site easily.


  • Small frame with a large cargo area
  • Standard driver-assistance features
  • Easy to drive
  • Good fuel mileage


  • Other vans are stronger
  • Base trim is lacking

This van is easy to use on city streets and is perfect for delivering packages and items around town. Let the Ford Transit Connect be a great van for you to drive.

Nissan NV200

When you want maximum storage room in a compact cargo van, the Nissan NV200 is the best choice for your driving experience. You can hold up to 1,480 pounds of cargo in this van which makes it easy to take your load to the job site.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent cargo capacity
  • Great for city driving
  • Standard Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity


  • Engine feels underpowered
  • No AWD option
  • No driver-assist features

When you need to make your way around on city streets with items that are meant for some of the small businesses, the Nissan NV200 can be the best work van for you.

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