Control Your Ford Fusion From Anywhere

Control Your Ford Fusion From Anywhere

Drivers who pick up a certified pre-owned or used Ford Fusion can’t stop talking about the updated and innovative FordPass Connect system. This powerful system doesn’t require any additional fees and gives you control over various features of your Ford Fusion from virtually anywhere.

Here is what you need to know to get the most out of your Ford Fusion’s FordPass Connect.

How To Use FordPass Connect

Everything your Ford Fusion needs to work with FordPass Connect is already set up. You just need to download the FordPass Connect app for your smartphone. From there, it’s a straightforward and secure process to link your phone with your car. Now you have access to a variety of your Fusion’s features from your phone.

Go Remote

If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling that you forgot to lock your car or you’ve accidentally locked your keys in your Fusion, you can take care of either problem in a snap. The FordPass Connect app allows you to lock or unlock the doors from anywhere.

On top of having control of your car’s locks, you can also access your vehicle’s remote start. Get ready for a hot or cold day by getting your cabin to the right temperature before even opening the door. Not only can you remote start your Fusion, but you can also set the climate control system. There’s even a setting that will set the temperature and fan speeds to the last setting that you used.

For those who have consistent schedules, the remote start calendar function can come in handy. You can set specific days and times that your Ford Fusion will start and get ready for the day. If you haven’t driven the car between scheduled starts, the function is turned off, and you’ll be notified, so there’s no worry of your car just starting and not being used.

Information Access

Your Fusion will also communicate with your FordPass Connect app. That means you’ll get notifications if your engine is overheating, it’s time for an oil change, or if there are any other issues to consider. You can even access Ford’s roadside assistance and service calendar right from your phone.

Let’s say you’ve had a busy week, and you’re not sure if you have enough fuel to get to work without a stop. Instead of going out and turning the car on to check, you can simply look in your app. Whether you need information about your gas tank or when you’re due for a service appointment, the FordPass Connect app has you covered.

Another highly-favored function is the FordPass Connect’s location ability. You don’t have to worry about forgetting where you parked anymore. Your GPS location is saved when you turn off your Fusion and is easily accessible in the app.

The Future Is Here And It’s Called FordPass

With control of your Fusion at the tip of your fingers, you’ll feel like you’re living out of your favorite sci-fi movie. You’ll save time and be more informed than ever before.

Learn more about the FordPass Connect app on Ford’s website or by visiting your local Ford dealer. You can even schedule a test drive and see how the Ford Fusion is the right car for you.

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