Car Donation

The Best Reasons to Donate Your Car

The Time to Donate

Wondering what you might do with that old cruiser you’re finally ready to let go? Well, let us tell why donating your car might be the best route for you.

Helping Build a Better Tomorrow, Today

The mission of places like the Newgate School is to train and prepare young adults for stable and well-paying careers in the automotive industry. They do all of it through your car donation.

Through training programs, students from low-income households in the area are able to undertake a 12-to-18-month automobile mechanics and body repair training course, free of charge, that will arm them with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a fruitful career in automotive repair.

They also offer free automobiles to working single mothers in our area through our Wheels For Women program, because one of the biggest hurdles single working moms face is reliable transportation.

So whether it’s through the knowledge gained by aspirational autoworkers learning on your cars or through the ability of a single mom to juggle all of the necessary obligations of her life, your car donation is helping build a better and stronger community.

Good News Come Tax Season

Claiming charitable donations is one of the easiest ways to help yourself come tax season.

And as Newgate School is a certified nonprofit 501(c)(3) vocational school, you are able to easily itemize your car donation.

They also work with donors to get them the largest tax deduction we possibly can.

If they use your vehicle for the training or Wheels For Women program, your deduction will equal your vehicle’s fair market value.

If your vehicle is used in a maintenance program, our students will inspect, repair, and detail it before they sell it, the final amount of which will be the value of your deduction.

The Ease of Donating

Perhaps you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling a used vehicle. Dealing with the tire kickers or people offering you far less than you think your old ride is worth is a well-known pain in the butt.

Or maybe your old car, van, or SUV simply isn’t worth enough money to make it worth it.

Bring it to Newgate School and let them take it off your hands. Easy peasy.

Not only that, but we dig into all the nitty gritty that can come with title transfers and the DVS. Because your donation is helping us, we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Cars, SUVs, trucks, or vans – it doesn’t matter the make, model, year, or condition. It can be donated to programs like this.

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