Five Reasons Your Next Car Should be a Hatchback

Five Reasons Your Next Car Should be a Hatchback

Sedans Are Great, But Have You Seen a Hatchback?

Whether you’re simply dreaming about a new car or you’re already exploring your options, here are five reasons why you should consider parking a hatchback in your driveway.

1. Tons of Options

While there tend to more SUVs coming out each year than anything else, hatchbacks are still being produced by nearly every major manufacturer. That means you don’t necessarily have to turn your back on your favorite makers to get the car of your dreams.

Some models simply have hatchback options, like the Honda Civic. You can get this vehicle as a sedan, coupe, or hatchback. Other models stick to one size, like the all-new Hyundai Veloster.

2. It’s All About Cargo Space

One of the main reasons people consider going with a hatchback is because of the available cargo space. Many hatchbacks even offer more room than larger sedans, especially when you consider split-folding rear seatbacks that come standard of most models today.

The other aspect that a hatchback offers that you won’t find in a larger sedan is the wide opening in the rear. Even a sedan with a large trunk only allows for so much room to get things in and out of your car. The wide opening of your hatchback makes loading and unloading easier than ever.

The Hyundai Veloster, for example, starts with 20 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seats. Fold those seats down, and you get a massive 45 cubic feet of cargo space.

3. Go Big Without Going Too Big

People who want lots of cargo space often get stuck with a much larger vehicle than they may want. Sure, a full-size sedan or SUV may offer unmatched cargo volume, but they also come with bigger and heavier bodies. That means they can be harder to maneuver and have higher fuel costs.

Hatchbacks offer tons of interior space without having to expand the exterior. Whether you live in a crowded city where space is a premium or you just like zipping around the roads, a smaller hatchback can’t be beaten.

4. Greater Comfort For Your Guests

Because of the larger rear design, a hatchback is going to offer more headroom in the back seats. The higher roofline is great for hauling bulkier items, but it’s also great for your taller friends. People sitting in the back won’t feel like they have to see a chiropractor from a road trip in your Hyundai Veloster from slouching so much. The rear of this particular hatchback is so comfortable; your passengers won’t fight over who gets to sit shotgun but who gets to stretch out in the back.

5. More Visibility All The Way Around

Hatchbacks tend to have a more upright design than sedans. That means you tend to get more window real estate, which leads to being able to see out of your car more clearly. This is especially true out of the rear window. That tall roofline that provides more space for your cargo and passengers also offers a better view of the outside world.

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