Dream Car Series: McLaren Speedtail

Dream Car Series: McLaren Speedtail

The most rarified level of hypercar driving in the McLaren lineup could be the dream car you desire. This car is the McLaren Speedtail.

This amazing supercar is priced in a way that makes it seriously exclusive, but we can still dream and hope to someday have the chance to drive or stand next to one of the few Speedtail models in existence.

Modern Tech Included in the Speedtail

Side mirrors take away from the look and continuous lines of a sports car, which is why the McLaren Speedtail doesn’t have these items. Instead of side mirrors, you’ll find a pair of high-definition digital cameras to give you the view you need of the lanes on either side of the car. The camera feed is displayed on a pair of screens within the cabin on either side of the instrument panel.

Power for the McLaren Speedtail

The power for this amazing McLaren comes from a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine and an electric motor that join together to give you 1035 horsepower and 848 lb.-ft. of torque. This allows the car to rocket to serious speeds including the capability to reach 186 mph from a standstill in 12.8 seconds, which is faster than the lauded McLaren P1 ever was.

A Unique Cabin Configuration

Similar to the F1, the McLaren Speedtail you’ll find a three-seat layout and some of the most amazing materials being used in the cabin. The glass on top of the windshield is made to block the sun, which makes it easy to drive without the need for sun visors. You’ll see a dashboard full of gauges and screens to give you the view you’re looking for and the information you need when driving this awesome car.

Create Your Own Configuration of the McLaren Speedtail

If you’re lucky enough to own this car, you can create a cabin area that has everything you desire. Much of the controls are located in the panels and you can select the materials and theme you want to enjoy when you get behind the wheel. There are two storage spaces, which makes it possible to take this car out for a road trip, but that’s not likely what you would do with it.

Limited Driving Areas for the Speedtail

Currently, the McLaren Speedtail isn’t street legal in the U. S. because of the lack of side-mounted airbags and traditional mirrors. This car can be driven under the Show or Display law, which does allow it to be part of the cars that can be driven in the U. S. Unfortunately, this limits the driving to 2500 miles in a year, which isn’t much driving, but it might be enough if you’re saving this car for special occasions.

If you’re thinking of a sexual, sensual, and sophisticated styling in a supercar that has amazing performance qualities, the McLaren Speedtail can certainly be the dream car you’re looking for. This car could be the one you look at every day as the goal you set for yourself to own someday.

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