Rugged Reliability from Toyota

Rugged Reliability from a Toyota SUV

You’ve been looking for an SUV that can take you out on the trails so that you can have some fun. If you want this SUV to be one that will give you the rugged reliability of the Toyota name while you’re on the road, a used Toyota 4Runner could be exactly what you’re looking for. This SUV is one that we’ve trusted for a number of jobs over the years and going on the trails is one of the greatest reasons to have a 4Runner from your local Toyota dealership location. Find your off-road freedom with this impressive SUV today.

Find Your Used Rugged Reliability in a Toyota 4Runner Among These Models

2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Here’s a used Toyota 4Runner that’s fairly new and is offered with some classic features to give you the off-road experience you want. This 4WD SUV has the power of a 4.0-liter V6 engine under the hood and gives you a five-speed automatic transmission for the shifting that you’ll enjoy when you drive. Check out the comfortable fabric seats and the smooth ride that you’ll have when you take this SUV out on the roads for the daily driving experience that you need to have when you get behind the wheel.

Not only is this SUV one that’s easy for you to drive, but this used Toyota 4Runner has the ability to give you the peace of mind that you want when you get behind the wheel and take this vehicle on the road. This model is a certified pre-owned SUV that has an extended powertrain warranty that lasts for as long as you own the vehicle and keep the maintenance up-to-date. Let this become the SUV that’s right for you and begin to enjoy the drive when you see the team at your local Toyota dealer today.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Limited – Extreme Rugged Reliability

Check out the black leather upholstery offered in the cabin of this used Toyota 4Runner that will be the right choice for you to have the drive you need. The 4WD system makes this SUV an easy choice to take out on the trails and the fact that this is the Limited trim means it has the features that you don’t find at lower trim levels. If you’re looking for the SUV instead of used trucks that will spell freedom for you, this is the one that has the right gear to make sure you can drive right.

The reliability factor of this used Toyota 4Runner is improved with the fact that it has the certified pre-owned stamp of approval added to it. Let this factor give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when you drive this SUV on a daily basis. No matter where you need to go, you can depend on this impressive SUV. If you run into foul weather, you’ll be glad to have the powertrain that never lets you down and the 4WD system that can get you through the rain or snow with ease so that you can get home safely.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Limited – Award-Winning Rugged Reliability

Not only will you have the benefits of the certified pre-owned stamp of approval with this used Toyota 4Runner, but you’ll also have some of the factory warranty still intact on this impressive SUV. This means you’ll be driving a used model that has some of the qualities that you typically only find in new vehicles. Check out the coverage and know when the extended warranty kicks in to make sure you understand what’s covered and when so that you can drive with confidence. You’re sure to love the quality and the build of this 4Runner.

There’s plenty of power and capability in this used Toyota 4Runner. This model has 4WD to make sure you can enjoy the ability to have power sent to all four wheels. You’ll also be able to tow a small boat or trailer when you’re ready to go to the campsite or to the lake for the weekend. Enjoy the comfort offered of the leather seats that are accented by the Redwood trim in the cabin. You’re going to admire the details offered in this SUV when you stop by and see the Toyota dealer in your area and take this SUV out for a drive today.


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