Hyundai Extended Warranty

Benefits of the Hyundai Extended Warranty

Even though a new Hyundai model gives you the best warranty in the automotive industry, you’ll want to consider a Hyundai Extended Warranty.
Why should you add the extra coverage and expense? You should have the added benefits of the extended warranty to make sure your vehicle is covered for well beyond the factory warranty that you’ll quickly pass when you’re driving. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this warranty.

This Warranty Gives You Peace of Mind

The Hyundai Extended Warranty allows you to have 100 percent of your parts and labor costs covered after you pay a small deductible. This means you can have your car repaired when it breaks down during the warranty period and know that it’s not going to break your bank account. The right team will be working on your vehicle when you purchase this warranty from your local Hyundai team.

Transfer the Hyundai Extended Warranty

One of the most important benefits of the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program is the fact that you can transfer what’s left of the warranty to the next owner when you sell your Hyundai. This allows you to ensure you can ask for a higher price when selling your Hyundai vehicle that you want to pass on to another owner with the warranty you paid for.

Get Protected the Right Way

The Hyundai Extended Warranty Program will make it easy for you to be protected against the increase in replacement costs. Every time you need your vehicle repaired it will be fixed with Genuine Hyundai Parts which will be used for all repairs. You want the right protection and the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy the use of this warranty when you need to have your Hyundai fixed.

Get More from the Hyundai Extended Warranty

You’re paying a bit more to have the Hyundai Extended Warranty as part of the cost of your vehicle. Because of this, you might be asking yourself what this warranty includes and how it can help you have the best experience with your Hyundai. Here are some of the benefits you’ll find when you choose this added cost for your new Hyundai model.

Towing is Included

You may have to pay for the tow up front, but if your vehicle is still covered under the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program, you’ll be reimbursed for the towing you pay for when your vehicle breaks down. Have your Hyundai towed to the nearest Hyundai location and let them get to work for you today.

Emergency Roadside Services

Have you gotten a flat tire, run out of gas, or need a jump start? If so, you need to enjoy the benefits of the emergency roadside services that are part of the Hyundai Extended Warranty program that will make it easy for you to feel confident when its time for you to have the drive you’re looking for.

Rental Car Coverage

If you have to rent a car because of the repair work that’s being done to your Hyundai, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the rental car. This is part of the Hyundai Extended Warranty program that will ensure you can have the coverage you’re looking for when you drive.

Coverage for Trips that are Interrupted

Can you imagine being on vacation when your car breaks down? How would you handle this problem? If you have the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program, you’ll enjoy the benefits of trip interruption coverage which will allow you to get back to your trip when you run into this problem.

A Claims Process You can Enjoy

It seems odd that you’ll enjoy the process of filing a claim of any kind, but with the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program you will enjoy it. This program offers exceptional claims handling and certified claims technicians that can process the claim for you and make sure you can have the coverage that’s right for you.

What Parts are Covered with the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program

So that you can understand which parts are covered when you choose the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program, its time to have them listed. The powertrain warranty only covers the components that make the vehicle run, but with the extended warranty, you’ll have more items covered and know that you can feel comfortable and confident when you have items that break down on you.
Here are the covered components:
• Engine items
• Transmission
• Steering components
• Suspension parts
• Cooling features
• Electrical systems
• Fuel components
• Air Conditioning items

Drive with Confidence

The most important part of the Hyundai Extended Warranty coverage that you’ll enjoy is the fact that you can feel confident in the vehicle that you drive. Knowing that if you break down you can be taken care of in a way that makes it easy for you to have your vehicle fixed gives you a peaceful and confident feeling when you get ready to take a drive in your Hyundai.

Find Your Hyundai and Add the Hyundai Extended Warranty

There are several different models for you to choose from when you’re ready to take a drive in a new Hyundai model. The cost of the Hyundai Extended Warranty program is directly proportional to the price of the vehicle that you choose for your daily drive. Whether you’re looking for a small car, midsize sedan, or one of the SUVs offered, you’ll be pleased to have the model you want when you get behind the wheel.

See Your Local Hyundai Team Today

The only place to find the Hyundai Extended Warranty that you’ll experience when you have a problem with your vehicle is at your local Hyundai dealer. Stop by and see this team today when you’re looking for the vehicle that you want and the warranty coverage that will make a huge difference in your life. Take a test drive, pay the added cost of this warranty, and enjoy everything this program has to offer. Your new Hyundai will be the one you enjoy driving every day.

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