Adding to the Lineup of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Adding to the Lineup of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The first year on the market for the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been a success and this SUV is back and is bringing more to your drive.

The first year on the market didn’t’ offer us a lot of choices when it came to the equipment that we make use of for the ride, but the 2019 model will make it possible for us to have more for the drive and experience a difference in equipment and in price.

The Stelvio is a bit More Affordable

For the 2018 model year, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio was only offered in AWD form, which meant that we were stuck at a price level that might have been a bit higher than expected. Even so, this SUV was a hit right away and one that we’ve enjoyed driving for that past several months. Now that Alfa Romeo has seen the success of this first and higher trim level, they are ready to offer us a new base model to be a bit cheaper in price and ride on an RWD platform.

This base version of the Stelvio will save you nearly $2,000 over the cheapest Q4 that was offered for the first model year. There will only be one engine offered for this new version to give you the power you need. This engine will be the four-cylinder turbocharged power plant that brings in 280 horsepower and 306 lb.-ft. of torque. The transmission used for this new trim is the eight-speed automatic to offer the smooth and active drive you want to experience on the road and this model will have fewer features than the ones that have AWD as part of the build.

You Can Upgrade this New Alfa Romeo Stelvio

If you want to have the RWD version of this Alfa Romeo SUV and have a bit more for the drive, you’ll be able to add the available Sport package to the mix. This package brings you 19-inch wheels and a list of performance accessories for the drive. These performance items include the aluminum pedals, painted brake calipers, paddle shifters, and more. The new version of the Stelvio will likely wear the Q2 badging to signify that it’s a model that’s only being driven by two wheels instead of four on the road.

This addition to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio lineup means that you have more choices for the drive and that Alfa has confidence in the sales that can come from the Stelvio. In the US, the SUV market has boomed and a luxury model that’s offered by a name that brings the imagining of smooth elegance and pure sophistication will have a place of respect for the drive. The new 2019 version of the Stelvio will be offered in the next few months for you to choose the right one for your driving needs. Stop by your nearby Alfa Romeo dealership and check it out.

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