Oddities On Stage

Oddities On Stage

The Tokyo Motor Show is underway and as you would expect from any of the automotive shows around the country, there are a variety of impressive models that are meant to capture our gaze and tickle our imagination as the brands in attendance show us what the future may hold. Along with that thought, we also see some of the strangest models at these shows. These are concepts that might not make it to market, but have been rooked out to gauge our acceptance or our complete distaste with the models that are being shown; here are some of those strange models that made their way to Tokyo.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution – If you can get past the thought of the EVO name being attached to something other than a sporty version of the Lancer, you might like this vehicle, but you might not. This is to be an EV crossover model that has 4WD but this concept model is a two-door, bulky and chunky model that seems to be one that you wouldn’t expect from Mitsubishi at all. The sharp angles and folds of this SUV probably won’t make it to market, and this concept needs to be headed back to the development team for some more time in progress.

Design Concept FD-SI – This truly looks like a futuristic model with a honeycomb look to the style offered. This vehicle appears to be hiding the wheels under the model that don’t look like they are even present. This is a model from Isuzu that was offered along with some heavy truck concepts and the interior space might make it a model that could be an excellent delivery vehicle of the future, but right now it certainly appears to be an odd choice with center-mounted controls for the driver to handle the ride.

Toyota Concept-I Walk – This is a vehicle that’s meant to be a personal mobility device for the elderly or disabled, but you can see that those who are lazy and don’t want to walk on their own might make use of it as well. The design of this model looks like an upright or stick vacuum cleaner and it takes up only a small amount of space to be the right way for those who need it to get around. This is an odd vehicle, but it’s a concept that could be useful in the future.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept – Short, rugged, and futuristic, this little concept looks like a go-cart on steroids. This is a small pickup truck concept that’s much smaller than any we’ve seen on the roads in the US in the past. This vehicle has a bod that looks like it’s been hacked off halfway back, this is a vehicle that could be useful and offer the capability desired. While the bed is small, it’s large enough for two motorized dirt bikes to fit in the back, making this an active concept that could be used for the adventures you want to enjoy.

Suzuki e-Survivor – At first glance, this high-riding SUV looks like a Jeep up front with the round-eye headlights and the slotted grill area. This is actually a tiny all-electric off-road model that sits high and uses 4WD to make sure you can crawl over just about anything. Think of the marriage between a Jeep and dune buggy and you have the idea of what this Suzuki looks like. This could be a useful model because it’s built on a ladder frame, like a traditional pickup truck would be. It may look strange, but it seems to be one that could get the job done.

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