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The Roots of Acura

There have been luxury models for many years and they have come from a variety of places. BMW and Mercedes-Benz have their own story, but Acura was born from Honda which already had the reputation of being one of the most reliable car companies on the market when it took the wraps off its luxury division thirty years ago. Over these three decades the Acura brand has shown us that Honda could build more than just small, fuel efficient models, but could be the right choice for luxury and a brand that would appeal to a younger demographic than any other luxury car brand. Here are some of the cars that have made Acura what it is today.

1986-1990 Acura LegendAs a car that was a value-oriented midsized luxury sedan the Acura Legend was a first for the Honda company. The company had not even made a V6 to this point and because of this partnered with Rover from England to create the engine for this car and it was certainly the right choice as the Legend was one of the most popular cars on the market for the entire time on the market. We still love this car as a great luxury model that actually made a grand debut in the 1980s.

1990-2003 Acura NSXThis was the first time Acura showed off with a sports car and as the NSX came to market it was one of the most popular sports luxury cars ever seen. This was not only to be one of the most impressive cars from Acura and it served well as the flagship model for over a decade, but with Toyota launching Lexus and Nissan launching Infiniti this car was one that kept our attention on Acura and was a car we have loved and get to love again.

1995-2001 Acura Integra Type RWhile the Integra name was one that came out at the beginning with the Legend name, this car is one that showed off as the sport version of the car we wanted to enjoy every single day. The Type R was the perfect way to make this car by adding more power, a better suspension, a massive wing in the back and a lot of fun. As a car that was meant to show off this was a car that went away from the typical luxury car field of boring colors and gave you several fun and funky colors to choose from.

2001-Present Acura MDXThe MDX is the SUV that was made right the first time. This SUV offered us three rows of seats and a great ride on a unibody platform that made this SUV feel like a car. The MDX is an SUV that felt upscale right from the start and offered you plenty of room so that you could enjoy the ride. There was even some good cargo space to make this one of the first luxury SUVs that would enter the market in the right form for all of us to enjoy.

2004-2008 Acura TSXThis is a model that actually gives us the best look into the past of Acura and shows you a car that was also built as the Accord in some areas of the world. The TSX during its first generation gave you BMW like driving enjoyment at a price that was more affordable. This car offered the personality and the build we wanted to enjoy and became the foundation for Honda to make more Acura models based off other Honda builds to give us a more formidable lineup than we had in the past.

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