Suzuki Air Triser

Suzuki Brings a Few Great Models to the Show

Even though we no longer have the ability to buy Suzuki automobiles in North America it’s still interesting to see what they might bring to an auto show or present to their own customer base in Japan.  For the Tokyo Auto Show Suzuki brought three new concepts to the platform to give us a look at what they feel might be the right vehicles for their customers to choose and make use of.  Keeping in mind the customers live on an island and one that is densely populated you might not be surprised by the sizes offered by Suzuki.

The first is called the Mighty Deck and this is a small SUV style vehicle that has a canvas roof and an open cargo bed.  This can make for a highly versatile vehicle but one that would not do so well in a rainstorm.  Even though foul weather is not going to be something you want to face with the Mighty Deck it shows a fun and funky style that could be a lot of fun on the beaches and around the cities especially on the nice sunny days where this vehicle can take you close to the waterfront to enjoy the day.

Next is the Air Triser which is a micro-minivan that is perfect for the city streets of the large and dense city of Tokyo.  Even though this is a minivan of the smaller size there are three rows of seats to haul the whole family where they need to go.  The engine is shoved as far forward as possible in order to give this vehicle as much interior space as possible.  The roofline is tall and able to allow passengers of nearly any height to be able to enjoy the ride in this small but fun tiny minivan.

Third on the list is the Ignis Trail.  This is a rugged hatchback that rides taller than most and gives you a vehicle that can take to some of the lighter trails when away from the city streets.  There are raised rails on the roof and the paint is adorned with some red accents to give the concept some character.  No doubt this could be the most useful of the three for the customer base that Suzuki has to serve.  With the Ignis Trail you could go anywhere and keep everyone dry and safe even in the foul weather.

As the Tokyo Auto Show continues it easy to see many of the different automakers came with some awesome concepts to show off and entice us.  Suzuki certainly brought three that when put to production can be useful and perfect for the island nation full of drivers that need vehicles to get where they are going.  Whether the Mighty Dec, Air Triser or Ignis Trail caught you eye and made you think that these would be great to drive, you may get the chance when you take a vacation to Japan and enjoy driving one of these little beauties.

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