Continued Growth in Canada for GM Brands

Continued Growth for GM Brands in Canada

For many years, GM has had a strong presence in Canada with some assembly and manufacturing plants in the country. As we see this automaker continue to work toward offering the brands and models created around the world, it’s good to see that Canadian customers still trust GM and look to this company for some of the vehicles they choose to drive. This is evident by the number of models that were sold in this country last month in order to make sure these customers have the drive needed for the ride desired on the roads.

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Big Ol’ Truck

Big ol' truck: GMC Sierra 1500

Rising up between California and Nevada is the Sierra mountain range. Nearly four hundred miles long and seventy miles wide, the Sierra range is famous for containing a handful of national parks, two monuments, and vacation hotspot Lake Tahoe. With a multitude of travel spots on the tourist circuit, the Sierra mountain range is certainly one of the more famous ranges in the United States. However, the mountain range isn’t the only Sierra that is making a name for itself; GMC’s full sized pick-up, the Sierra is also climbing to new heights on a regular basis.

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The New Terrain Edition Might be Exactly What You Want

02.13.17 - GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain has been one of our favorite SUVs on the market for several years. This small SUV is agile and aggressive with the large box design that makes it a classic GMC build. You can seriously enjoy this SUV on and off the road with the variety of packages and features that are offered to make the SUV one that’s perfect for you to drive. GMC is well-known for the Denali trim that’s offered on their lineup, but something else the models from GM are known for is now offered on the Terrain.

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GMC Helps You Keep Your Rear Seat Safe

01.25.17 - GMC Acadia

Small children have a tendency to be in their own little world when riding around in the car with their parents. Whether they look out the window and use their imagination to create a world of wonder or they happen to have a game to play or even fall asleep, many children find great ways to pass the time during some of the most boring parts of their day. Unfortunately, the parents of these children have a tendency to be busy and full of business and family related topics on their minds, which means they need some help.

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How do You Remain the Leader?

12.12.16 - Chevrolet Colorado

The midsize truck segment was reinvigorated by the release of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Adding these two trucks back to the segment ensured the midsize truck market would be competitive once again. At the time it was easy for GM to reenter the market as a leader with many of the other models growing long in the tooth as older version of what had made them successful for many years. As GM quickly took over the market other brands began to take notice and begin updating their midsize trucks to continue the competitive spirit of what we want in our smaller trucks.

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