More Electrification Coming from GM

More Electrification Coming from GM

New models with advanced powertrain technology will make a huge difference to our drive in the vehicles offered by GM that will be electrified.

When you have several brands of vehicles in one family, you can get all the brands to work together and commit to the future. Its never been a secret that GM shares technology and features across all brands in the family and recently, the future of the company showed this even more with a collaborative commitment to EV technology. We should expect to see a massive onslaught of battery-electric models coming from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC in the near future.

Scalable Flexibility

GM is ready to take a massive step forward to offer a scale of EV technology that would rival the truck business they offer every year. The core of this technology is the GM BEV3 platform and the proprietary Ultium battery technology.

This new battery technology comes from a collaboration with LG Chem to produce unique batteries that feature large-format, pouch-style cells, that allow for either horizontal or vertical stacking in the battery pack. This means the batteries can be tailored to the needs of each vehicle to offer more flexibility when we look at the EV models from GM for our drive.

Different Power Levels for the GM Models

Because of the scalable nature of the Ultium-powered vehicles, you could have a vehicle that produces between 50 and 200 kWh depending on the needs to make the batteries the right size and the driving expectations of the vehicle.

The estimation is that you could have up to 400 miles of range along with advanced acceleration numbers that will make it easy to enjoy the quickness of these EV models. These new batteries support Level 2 and DC Fast Charging to give you the flexibility needed to charge where you want.

A Taste of Ultium

We’ve already seen some of these Ultium batteries in action. The GMC Hummer showed up at the Super Bow using a full set of these batteries to give you the layout and packaging needed. This vehicle features a three-motor set up to give you 1,000 horsepower and let you have the idea of what to expect in the future.

Next, we’ll see Cadillac offer something we can enjoy, and then the other brands will follow suit. This new battery setup is packaged to give you the choice of FWD, RWD, and AWD models that can be powered by electricity.

More Models Coming from GM

The GMC Hummer will be offered later next year as a 2021 model with the Cadillac brand giving us a new SUV by 2025. We also expect to see a new version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV by 2022 along with a few other models by 2023.

Buick will have a pair of EV models that will use these new batteries as well and they will arrive over the next three years. Get ready to see more electrification and several models that make use of the Ultium batteries from the GM brands.

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